I started my financial planning career about 14 years ago after finishing a management career with a major U.S. corporation. I became a CFP® and attended the FPA Annual Conference religiously. I learned a lot about being a financial planner and the issues we and our clients face.

As I met other more experienced planners at the annual conference, I heard one thing over and over again: FPA Retreat was one of most enlightening and powerful events that most of them had ever attended, and that many of the people I most respected had put FPA Retreat on their “Must Attend Every Year” list.

After hearing that advice many times, I decided to give it a shot—and was positively and overwhelmingly surprised at the value I gained. I have been a regular attendee since.

Retreat now feels like home—warm, welcoming and close-knit, with an open atmosphere of sharing that I was searching for. I have made good friends, increased my knowledge, and had my mind opened to new concepts and BIG questions.

Every year, I go expecting to be inspired, challenged and educated by the best and brightest (formally and informally)—and exhausted by the end. I have always returned home with great ideas that make the lives of my clients better and questions that will challenge my heart and soul for the next year.

I love the richness of the conversations, the depth of the agenda, the wisdom of my colleagues and the openness of everyone I meet. My life is better, the lives of my clients are better and I understand the world better for having attended Retreat—I believe it is designed to touch your soul as a financial planner. It is now on my “Must Attend Every Year” list.